Iscosa Alrode

Alrode is the Iscosa group’s financial head office and their primary responsibility is to administer the finances of Iscosa, Boron Properties and Regison Mining. They also have trading division which services the diamond mining industries in Sierra Leone, Lesotho and Botswana. We provide an identical service to these industries as what Cape Town does in the oil industry in West Africa and East Africa.

We purchase and supply whatever the client requires from mobile offices and campsites to crushing plants and consumables.

We also supply industrial chemicals to the clay brick and roof tile industry as well the leather tanning industry. In addition to this we handle the distribution of the magnesium oxide produced by Regison Mining.

We are currently making inroads into the cement brick and paver industry with products like mould release agents and press board protection oils and will shortly be testing a range of cement accelerators, retarders and plasticisers which we have developed.

Finally we have been working on a development project with Hicarb Solutions to produce a tundish cover replacement for rice husk ash and if successful will give us a foot into the steel foundry industry.