Cement Additives

Chemical Additives Developed for
the Cement and Construction Industry
Ivan Freeman
Why should you be using chemical additives?
  • Better quality products
  • Ease of manufacturing
  • Lower total costs!

Additives used in the cement industry
Cement roof tiles
  • Pallet release agent / RT release agent
  • Anti efflorescence polymer / RT Polymer

General construction
  • Mortar enhancer / Mortarfix
  • Plaster enhancer / Plasterfix

Cement pavers
  • Colour flash binder / CemPolymer
  • Cement accelerator / QuickSet

Ashbrick / blocks
  • Compaction and binding aid / CemFix

Other products
  • Mould and shutter release agent
  • Press board protector
  • Rooftile cleaner

Cement Roof Tiles RT Release Agent
  • Prevents adhesion of the tile on the pallet.
  • Prevents corrosion of the pallets

RT Release Agent is a specially formulated transester, designed for use on steel or aluminium pallets. It contains selective additives to control its viscosity and film strength. It also contains a cement and pigment inhibitor to prevent adhesion to the pallet surface. The product also contains a corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion of steel pallets.

RT Release Agent does not contain any toxic volatile agents and being alkaline does not contribute to the formation of acid mist in the curing chamber, and does not attack the cement surface in contact with it.

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  • Reduces efflorescence and scumming
  • Enhances pigmentation colour
  • Increases the flexural strength and compaction density
  • Eliminates the need to acid wash

RT Polymer is a chemical additive that ensures that colour pigment is uniform across the tile, yielding brighter colours. The product is a specially formulated co-polymer that induces plasticity into the cementitious mix, accelerates the hydration of the cement and sequesters the soluble salts that cause efflorescence and scumming on the tile surface.

The dispersing property of the co-polymer and its viscosifying action ensures that the colour pigment is uniformly dispersed throughout the tile particularly on the surface yielding brighter colours. RT Polymer eliminates the need to acid wash the tiles once they exit the curing chamber.

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  • Prevents scumming/efflorescence on face brick panels.
  • Enhances the strength of the mortar.
  • Reduces porosity.

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MortarFix is a special blend of polymers and surfactants and sequestering agents that was designed to remedy shortcomings in most building sands, particularly the organic fatty acids.
  • Prevents dry shrinkage cracks from developing
  • Creates a smoother finish
  • Reduces porosity.

PlasterFix is a modified version of mortar fix and contains a plasticiser and an antifreeze agent to make the plaster more workable and it prevents freeze cracking in winter.

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  • Intensifies the colour of the pigment
  • Increases strength
  • Reduces porosity
  • Reduces picking on the surface

Colour flash binder is a specially formulated blend of polymers, surfactants and coalescing agents that improves the wetting of the aggregates and accelerates the hydration of cement. The superplasticiser in the product alters the plastic viscosity of the mix enabling the various aggregate sizes to be homogeneously dispersed within the mix and as a consequence thereof better compaction takes place at lower hydration levels.

We offer a range of accelerators to suite the type of cement you are using and will gladly advise you which product is best suited to your application

  • Removes efflorescence
  • Removes scumming
  • Restores colour intensity
  • Re-seals the tile surface
  • Prevents algae growth

Rooftile cleaner is a general purpose cleaner that can be applied to both cement and clay rooftiles. It is an acidified polymeric soap containing biocides to prevent algael and fungal growth on the tile surface.



The use of this additive improves early and cured compressive strength. CemFix is a complex co-polymer that assists in wetting fly ash cement ad-mixtures. It also regulates the distribution of water between the cement and pozzolanic ash. In so doing the cement hydrates fully and develops maximum cured strength. The coating action of the polymer on the fly ash / pozzfil prevents them from scavenging the water needed to hydrate the cement. It also assists with de-airing and consequently leads to better compaction.

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  • Facilitates quick release from metallic and polyurethane moulds
  • Imparts a smoother surface finish to cast product
  • Prevents drainage on vertical shutters
  • Reduces picking on the surface

Mould and shutter reagents are available in a range of viscosities to suite the application process. Low viscosity release agents contain metaphorical additives that ensure that the hydrophobic film adheres to the metal surfaces being coated by spraying.

Press board protectors are available to enhance the life of both wooden and metal press boards.

Click the links below to view the (MSDS’s):

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